About us

cropped-bermondsey-folk-festival-logo-square1.jpgThe Bermondsey Folk Festival started back in 2015 as a project to bring the best of folk and root music to this part of South East London. The BFF was born thanks to the collaboration between The Bermondsey Business Improvement District (BID) and the unconditional support and promotion by Cunning Folk.

The first two editions of the BFF saw crowds attending different venues across the Blue Bermondsey area during a period of a week. This was a success but we also listened to those who took part as musicians or as visitors. Therefore, the festival has evolved into a single day out event that keeps the main core in the experience of enjoy music while being part of the local community.

On 2017, the Bermondsey Folk Festival became more flexible and demanded more interaction by asking people to take a music stroll with us from venue to venue. We hope to encourage people not only to come for the music but to learn more about the area. We also incorporated a new location at the Biscuit Factory, expanding our approach to let people discover more about the Blue Bermondsey.

The festival takes place on the first or second week of September each year.

Free Music, Free People

We hope people will come to enjoy the music so a free entry sounds like music to our ears and so entry to all venues are completely free.

musicians worth listening to

Cunning Folk programming for the festival does not compromise in the quality of the music. We feature established artists to our gigs but we don’t forget how difficult is to get there, so we aim to give an opportunity to new talent and we will be adding more new faces over the coming events.

As for the well-known names such as Thomas McCarthy, Alasdair Roberts (either on his own or as part of the Alasdair Roberts Trio, Martin Simpson or Stick in The Wheel, all familiar names to those who like folk and root music, established musicians who has delighted many of their fans and keen to play at the festival.

More than music

The BFF is not just about music, even though that’s our reason to be. We added some entertainment to take place in Market Place such as Morris Dancing. It is also a chance for newcomers to explore the diversity of shops, businesses and places in and around Market Place.

You are welcomed to be part of the community!

The BLUE Bermondsey BID

The Blue Bermondsey Business Improvement District is committed to improving this area of Bermondsey for local business and promote its unique identity by encouraging visitors and residents to explore and discover all the choices of shops and businesses in the area. The BID team has worked with Southwark Council and other relevant bodies to help instigate more investment for improvements to streets and public spaces.

The Blue Bermondsey BID has been the main partner in the Bermondsey Folk Festival since the beginning and we couldn’t be here without their help.

The future

We don’t hold a crystal ball yet we are confident that we will bringing the best of the folk music in years to come with your support to The Blue, as local known this area of Bermondsey,