Bermondsey Folk Festival 2019

On September 8th 2019 there will be an unmissable London folk event. The 5th Bermondsey Folk Festival is entirely free & has a line up of acts many festivals with entry fees would envy.

World class performers like Irish folk legend, Andy Irvine, Sheffield’s folk guitar legend Martin Simpson& Walthemstow’s finest; Stick In the Wheel. A host of other performers make a stellar bill in the heart of South East London for free.

Events start at 11am with a guided walk with poet, John Constable, then performances form noon to 6 at The Biscuit Factory. Finally an evening session in Partizan Brewery. The best free folk festival in London a stone’s throw from Bermondsey tube.

A folk festival starts earlier than you’d think.

Provisional Flyer for Bermondsey Folk Festival with amendments.(Just after this picture was taken some egg got on it)

A folk festival starts earlier than you think. When do you think we booked the main acts for Bermondsey Folk Festival 2019? Around September 2018; a few weeks after BFF 2018! Typically headline British folk acts get booked at least a year in advance. It is not unheard of for acts to be booked 2 years in advance. This is because there are a finite number of acts which definitely draw a crowd so they are in demand. Also, because other promoters & festivals book early it is an ingrained part of the culture.

You have to be careful when booking acts that they are not performing nearby within 6 to 8 weeks of the time you are booking otherwise you risk not drawing a crowd & also upsetting nearby promoters & festival organisers. We love having a good crowd & we want to have a great relationship with our neighbouring promoters! We check our folk festival does not clash with other events a year in advance. A folk festival starts earlier than you think!

We are delighted to have got our headline acts for September 8th 2019 Andy Irvine, Martin Simpson, Stick In The Wheel & Ben Walker are all fantastic artists we really love. We are equally delighted to have a load of up & coming acts on the bill who may well be the folk headline acts of the future. Further details to be announced very soon.

This year we are working on increasing the opportunity for participation. Many folk performers sing & play purely for the pleasure of being part of a traditional culture & through the Bermondsey Folk Club singarounds we have provided a chance for loads of people to take part. We want to give a chance for as many people as we can to be part of the Bermondsey Folk Scene. So if you do want to join in get in touch. You are very welcome.

Bermondsey Folk Festival 2019: Planning Session In The Blue

Our Office

It’s all systems go for Bermondsey Folk Festival 2019. It may seem like a while away, Sunday September 8th, but there is quite a lot to do. Headline acts need to be booked well in advance: typically we do this 11 to 12 months ahead of the event. Scheduling of the day will be sketched out in the next month or so so that we can promote the day well ahead of time. We are very excited about working with local food & beer businesses to provide festival food & drinks & are putting together a children’s programme to make the day very much a family affair. We always have Irish dancing & our friends, Thrales Rapper will provide some sword dance. With confirmed acts like Andy Irvine, Martin Simpson, Ben Walker& Stick In The Wheel & with a growing line-up of homegrown talent this is going to be a bumper Bermondsey Folk Festival 2019!


Bermondsey Folk festival 2018 – Arfur Doo and The Toerags

Guitar, bass, cajon, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, flute, penny whistle and recorder combine for fast-paced, energetic tunes and delicate ballads.

Arfur Doo & the Toerags are a traditional Irish folk band with a few twists. Guitar, bass, cajon, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, flute, penny whistle and recorder combine for fast-paced, energetic tunes and delicate ballads.

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Arfu Doo And The Toerags in Bandcamp    @arfur_doo  Arfur Doo And The Toerags in Facebook


Bermondsey Folk Festival 2018 – Main Stage – Lisa Knapp, Circulus, Martin Carthy

From small beginnings the Bermondsey Folk Festival is starting to flourish as a calendar event in the London Folk Scene and we have the headline acts in the main stage to prove it: Lisa Knapp, Circulus and Martin Carthy

First on the stage from 2pm, you will discover award winning chanteuse Lisa Knapp; later on the indescribable Circulus will delight attendees with the unique psychedelic folk and closing the main stage performances will be modern folk’s greatest innovator Martin Carthy, purveying their finest wares.

There will Thrales Rapper and Irish Dance performances, choir music, poetry and more

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Bermondsey Folk Festival 2018 – Ady Johnson, David Jaycock, Cunning Folk and Russman

The Bermondsey Folk Festival 2018 continues and after the day’s events in The Blue  Market, the Bermondsey Folk Festival music will play at Shortwave Cafe with an evening of fantastic folk acts. You’ll be pleased to know that Shortwave Cafe is fully licensed & has a great selection of beers and drinks.

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Bermondsey Folk Festival 2018 – A Walk With Comedian Arthur Smith

Join us for a walk with famous comedian Arthur Smith who will delight everyone taking part in this exploration of Bermondsey, ‘proper’ 🙂

The walk will last about an hour on our way to the main stage at Market Place. Remember, this walk could be funny so you’ve been warned!

Meet us at  the Queen Victoria Pub (Yes, you may go inside and relax in this lovely pub; the tour starts at midday)

Click here for directions to The Queen Victoria Pub at 148 Southwark Park Rd, London SE16 3RP
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